I am Scientific Officer of CIMPA. CIMPA is an international institution, founded in France in 1978, whose aim is to support the developing of mathematical research in developing countries.

CIMPA schools

The main activity of CIMPA are CIMPA Schools. The purpose of CIMPA School is to provide an introduction to recent research in pure and applied Mathematics, as well as related subjects such as Computer Sciences and Theoretical Physics.  In each CIMPA School, a Scientific Officer is present in order to help to the local organizers.

Here is a list of the Schools I have attended up to now as a Scientific Officer, and the Schools I plan to attend in a near future:

  1. Teoría de Subvariedades y Análisis Geométrico [web]. San Salvador (El Salvador), 8-19 July, 2024.
  2. Coding Theory and its Applications. Mzuzu (Malawi), 6-19 August, 2023. [Pictures]
  3. Algebraic and Tropical Methods for Solving Differential Equations [web]. Oaxaca (Mexico), 12-23 June, 2023.
  4. Contemporary Geometry [web]. Windhoek (Namibia), 16-27 January, 2023. [Pictures]
  5. Algebraic Methods in Topology [web]. San Salvador (El Salvador), 11-22 July, 2022 (DATES CHANGED due to COVID-19 pandemics).
  6. CIMPA Summer Research School in Mathematical Epidemiology [web]. Dhaka (Bangladesh), 9-20 May, 2022. 
  7. Algebraic and Combinatorial Methods in Geometry [web]. Lahore (Pakistan), 1-11 March, 2022.
  8. Geometric, Algebraic and Topological Methods in Quantum Field Theory [web]. Villa de Leyva (Colombia), 9-18 December 2021 (CANCELLED due to COVID-19 pandemics).
  9. Isogenies of Elliptic Curves and their Applications to Criptography [web]. Popayán (Colombia), July 26-August 6, 2021 (CANCELLED due to COVID-19 pandemics).
  10. Mathematical models applied to molecular dynamics and oncology [web]. Santiago de Cuba, 3-14 May, 2021 (CANCELLED due to COVID-19 pandemics).
  11. Functional Equations: Theory, Practice and Interactions [web]. Hanoi (Vietnam), 12-23 April, 2021 (online).
  12. Hopf Algebras and Tensor Categories [web]. La Falda, Córdoba (Argentina), July 29, August 5, 2019. [Pictures]
  13. Isfahan School on Representation of Algebras [web]. Isfahan (Iran), 7-15 April 2019. [Pictures] [Report]
  14. Elliptic Curves: Arithmetic and Computation [web]. Montevideo (Uruguay), 11-22 February 2019. [Pictures] [Report]
  15. Quasi-cyclic and Related Algebraic Codes [web]. Ankara (Turkey), August 27-September 7, 2018. [Pictures] [Report]
  16. Combinatorial Commutative Algebra [web]. Lahore (Pakistan), March 5-14, 2018. [Pictures] [Report]
  17. Analyse Numérique et Équations aux Dérivées Partielles [web]. Ifrane (Morocco), May 1-10, 2017. [Pictures] [Report]

Other CIMPA Schools I have attended/organized in the past, are:

  • Transformation Groups and Dynamical Systems. Lima (Perú), May 25th-June 5th, 2015.
  • Teoría de Galois Diferencial y Multisumabilidad. Barranquilla (Colombia), January 14-25, 2013. Organizer.
  • Galois Theory for Difference Equations. Santa Marta (Colombia), July 23rd- August 3rd, 2012. Speaker.
  • Geometría Algebraica y Sistemas Dinámicos. Lima (Perú), July 12th-23rd, 2010. I gave a course.
  • Résurgence, équations différentielles ou aux différences et feuilletages analytiques. Lima (Perú), July 14-25, 2008.
  • International Conference on Mathematics IMCA-2006. Lima (Perú), December 4-8, 2006.

CIMPA Courses

The CIMPA Courses program consists in funding the visit of a lecturer to a research-level course in Mathematics within the geographic areas of activities of CIMPA (Africa, Central or South America, Asia). Each application for funding shall concern a course on a given subject during one to four weeks, preferably by a lecturer holding a position in one of the supporting countries of CIMPA (France, Switzerland, Spain, Norway) or in a developing country.

In the framework of this program, I gave/will give the following Courses:

  1. Complex Analysis. Online CIMPA Course at Nesin Mathematical Village (Turkey), 1-11 March, 2021. 25 recorded lectures, available here.
  2. Équations différentielles holomorphes et sommabilité des solutions. Béjaïa (Algeria), 14-20 April, 2020 (CANCELLED due to COVID-19 outbreak).
  3. Holomorphic Differential Equations. 14+4 hours. Isfahan University of Technology, IPM-Tehran and IPM-Isfahan (Iran). February 5-15, 2020.
  4. Curvas algebraicas. 30 hours. Universidad de El Salvador (El Salvador). February 12-23, 2018.

Schools in Partnership

CIMPA supports advanced mathematical schools in partnership with continental mathematical unions or societies. These schools are usually of Master’s or final Bachelor Degree level, and are intended for students from countries where they stand and from neighboring countries.

I am (since 2022) the Chair of AESIM Committee (Asian and European Mathematical Schools). The main goals of AESIM are:

  • To help young students in mathematics to continue with their mathematical career by attending schools which supplement their year program on a specific topic.
  • To create links of mathematical cooperation between countries in East Europe and West Asia, and also between these countries and developed countries.
  • To provide with specific courses and material that could be taught in subsequent years after the school is finished.

I am also interested in EMALCA (Escuelas de Matemática de América Latina y del Caribe). I have participated in the following School:

  • 2ª Escuela de Modelización Matemática y 1ª Escuela de Matemáticas de América Latina y Caribe [Web]. Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala, April 9-13, 2018.